Will the next terrorist weapon target the ethnic code in your genes?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Slatewiper was originally written in 1994 and sold as a MSWord-formatted ebook (perhaps the first-ever ebook on the web).

Back then publishers thought the idea of a gene-targeted bioweapon too outlandish to publish. Time -- and science -- changed all that. The current version was published by Macmillan Publishing in 2003.

This web site contains a number of "legacy" pages that date from the early days of the Web -- 1995 -- and have older layouts and styles that look somewhat archaic. The information is still good. The website information is too extensive to remake everything. In addition, some of the exterior links may be dead. If you run across one of those, please email me (without {}) at: lperdue{AT}ideaworx{DOT}com.

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Your DNA vulnerable to NSA snooping, too?

June 28, 2013 -- USA TODAY: "Finally, there is the future potential of a biological weapon designed to target a particular group or even an individual based on unique genetic variants."

Genetic Profiled Drugs  Promoted by
U.S.  Food and Drug Administration

March 23, 2005 -- The U.S. federal pharmaceuticals regulator has taken a significant step toward the development of so-called personalized medicine, in which drugs would be tailored to individuals based on their genetic profiles.

Major New Study Warns Ethnic Weapons Are Closer Than Ever

Oct. 25, 2004, The British Medical Association issued its strongest warning yet that genetically engineered bioweapons that can target ethnic groups are a very real danger.

Malcolm Dando, author of the BMA's study, Biological Weapons and Humanity II, told reporters at a news conference that these and other biological weapons, "could be used by sub-state terror groups and eventually by deranged individuals."

Race-Based Medicine,
Genomics, and You

Nov. 9, 2004, BiDil, the first "race-specific" drug was announced today by the NitroMed company and is intended to treat heart failure in African-Americans.

Caucasians Show Genetic Resistance to HIV

Jan. 7, 2005, Studies released this week and last year suggest that the roots of AIDS immunity extend back for centuries, long before the disease even existed. Our ethnic backgrounds and the illnesses suffered by our distant ancestors appear to play a crucial role in determining whether our genes will allow HIV to take hold in our bodies.

Tokyo Adopts Textbook
Whitewashing WWII War Crimes

Aug. 27, 2004, Tokyo--Both China and the South Korean governments have formally protested the Tokyo metropolitan board of education's  decision to adopt a textbook which, according to South Korea, "rationalizes Japan's past wrongdoings based on a self-centered historical viewpoint.''

According to Tokyo newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, the textbook aims "to promote Japanese traditions, culture and values, a concept endorsed by Tokyo's nationalist governor, Shintaro Ishihara."

Ishihara is one of the ultraconservative nationalists mentioned in Slatewiper.

When Hell Gets Hungry, It Feeds On Hate...

The Cold War Is Dead!
Ethnic Bloodshed Rules The World's Conflicts

Fed by greed and notions of racial superiority, a huge global biotech corporation is about to unleash a killer gene that has rested undisturbed inside every human being for thousands of years.

Their purpose: to control the most diabolical weapon of mass destruction ever designed: a racial bomb which targets only members of specific ethnic groups and it's available to the highest bidder, be they government or terrorist.

The weapon is called:

What Others Say About Slatewiper

"Lewis Perdue is a rising and unique voice in thriller fiction. His novel, Slatewiper, goes beyond the mundane of the medical thriller to weave a cunning blend of historical and ultra-modern fact fashioned into a stunningly unique plot to turn our own chromosomes into lethal weapons with the fires of racial hatred on the triggers. "If you thought you were safe after the Berlin Wall crumbled, read Slatewiper and you’ll think again. Combining the best of a page-turning thriller with classic human stories is a hard road to follow; Lew is running down that path full speed. If you want to check out a new, fresh thriller writer, run with him!"

-- James Grady, author of Six Days of the Condor

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